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30-inch Extra Long Flexible Wire Skewers (Set of 2)

Product Description
$ 10.99

Circle the wagons around hamburgers and hotdogs with this flexible, multi-shish kabob wire skewer. An idea so good it's patented! Charcoal Companion Extra Long 30" Flexible Skewers, Set of 2, allows the grill cook to prepare grill food at the same time. The flexible wire also fits inside gallon size storage bag for marinade wait times. This allows the grill cook to sit down and eat with the rest of the family and friends. Finally, the grill cook gets to enjoy the party before it's time to clean up the dishes.

  • Patented idea of circular wire shish kabob around other grilling items
  • Flexible Skewers made of rust proof, marinade proof stainless steel
  • Length: 30" | Set of 2