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Get Ready for New Year's Celebration!

3 Simple Tips to get Ready for the New Year's Celebration!

New Year's Day is right around the corner!

Here are a few simple tips on preparing your grill for a fantastic New Year's celebration.

Tip #1 - Prepare foods ahead

Shop a day or two ahead.

A day ahead or the morning of the event, prepare food such as – marinades, garnishes, vegetable cuts, skewers, etc...

Tip #2 - When asked, "May I help?"

Know what needs to be done. Here are some possible helper chores:

• Rinse and put away the remaining prep side dishes, pots, etc...

• Clean and wipe the countertops

• Check on the kids

• Put out condiments and utensils

• Assign a dessert person or persons

• Assign a food runner or assistant

• Wine or Champagne pourer –

Note: Important part of this job – Keep chef's glass fresh and full!

Tip #3 - Pre-Heat your Grill

For Gas Grills, inspect all gas piping or hoses for damage prior to lighting your grill.

Pre-heat your grill by turning on you grill with the hood open. Once the grill gets started closed the hood and pre-heat for about 15 minutes or until desired temperature is reached.

You are now ready to place food on the grill and start cooking to desired doneness.

Enjoy the Celebration and have a Happy New Year!

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