1. Design 

In a nutshell the best outdoor kitchens will have appliances and storage systems that function similarly to your indoor kitchen. GALLERY

Tip: What Indoor appliances/storage would you want to use outside in conjuction with your grill / smoker?

2. Choosing Appliances

A. Manufacturer - Get a Grill from a reputable company with longevity in the market place. Parts are readily available allowing you to service and maintain your grill instead of replacing it.

B. Size - Sometimes it may be better to get a smaller grill with better grade stainless and components. Really think about how many people you are going to cook for.

C. We offer our own house brand storage system that can save you lots of money and will allow you to get the storage you want and the outdoor grill you want.

Tip: Invest in the appliances you will use the most.

3. Cooking System

Now is a great time to change it or get a better version of what you have. We carry a variety of cooking systems including direct heat, briquettes, infrared, charcoal and pellet.

We offer built in and freestanding options for all of those choices. SHOP NOW

Tip:  What do you like or not like about the grill you currently have?

4. Storage

The most common storage components are: 

  • Access/Drawer Combo Units,
  • Storage Drawer(s), Double Doors, and Single Doors.
  • In addition to these you should consider a trash/recycle bin, dry storage pantry

Tip: Take a moment to really think about what you will put in each storage unit.

5. Outdoor Heating

Outdoor Heating technology has increased exponentially. Using your backyard year round has truly become possible. SHOP NOW

Tip: Placement is crucial so make sure to check mounting heights and clearance to combustibles. These two steps will determine a lot of your heating choices and coverage.

6. Outdoor Seating and Dining

Picking the right outdoor furniture.

Read the details. Most high quality furniture will highlight the materials. Look for powder coated aluminum frames, dry fast reticulated foam cushions, sunbrella fabric, HDPE resin, and marine grade polymer. These are just a small list of great materials to consider. SHOP NOW

Tip: Look at the depth of collection. Does it have dining and deep seating? If not then how well does it complement other brands or collections.

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